Monday, June 20, 2011


NEW cross applique design; shown in blue seersucker gingham, name in sherif block

Circle monogram applique; shown in black/white damask

Beach towel; name in hot pink cartoon block

Crab tshirt; red seersucker, name in bright blue sherif block

Beach towels!  Names in sherif block and curly q 

birthday shirt; hot pink polka dot, spring green name in curly q

sailboat onesie; pink seersucker, lightest pink name in curly q

alligator tshirt; blue gingham, spring green outline name in sherif block

bloomers with monogram in hot pink curly q

beach towels with names in giggles font

strawberry tshirt; red seersucker and red polka dot fabrics

daisy with hot pink, orange, and turquoise gingham

alligator burp cloth; green seersucker, spring green name in sherif block

airplane (blue seersucker) and sailboat (red seersucker and royal blue gingham); names in sherif block

circle monogram applique; pink/orange/yellow seersucker with pink thread outline

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some new designs...

NEW Multi color polka dot border (pink/green/light purple); giggles A (shown on burp cloth)

Dish towel with name in sherif block; khaki thread

Beach towel with name in uniblock; hot pink thread

NEW peace sign applique; shown with bright floral fabric

mini golf clubs embroidered design on polo (shown with red, royal blue, and gray thread)

NEW fire truck applique; shown with red, gray, black gingham fabrics.  Name and/or year of age can be added to truck or below truck