Hemstitched hand towels, red single initial in victor font

Pumpkin Truck; brown cord and orange gingham; name in orange sherif block

petal patch; green trellis fabric; hot pink thread; classic monogram

circle monogram applique; pink trellis fabric; spring green thread

girly owl; hot pink polka dot/kelly green gingham; hot pink bow; name in hot pink giggles

sock monkey; multi plaid/medium blue/medium blue gingham; name in spring green sherif block

bloomers; name in hot pink giggles

trick or treat bag!!!  ghost with orange gingham; hot pink bow; hot pink name in giggles

white hand towels; circle patch; khaki fabric; turquoise monogram in classic monogram

minnie mouse; black polka dot/big hot pink polka dot; hot pink name in giggles

dish towels; classic monogram in khaki

whale in kelly green gingham, navy thread (on bib); circle applique monogram in navy gingham, kelly green thread (on burp cloth)

owl on square patch; hot pink polka dot/green cord/yellow gingham/medium blue gingham; green gingham hairbow

layette gown with classic monogram in pink; bloomers with classic monogram in pink

sherif block monogram in light blue (on bib)

flower applique with fall bright dots

sock monkey in multi plaid/blue/medium blue gingham fabrics; name in red sherif block all lowercase

turkey with brown and orange gingham; ghost with orange gingham; name in sherif block

girly ghost; orange gingham; green gingham hairbown; name in lime green giggles font

girly turkey; brown and orange gingham; hot pink bow; name in hot pink giggles

girly ghost; candy corn fabric (black background); orange hairbow; name in orange curly q

pumpkin truck; brown and orange gingham; name in brown cartoon block

train with christmas tree; red gingham and green corduroy tree; name in red sherif block all lowercase

bloomers; master circle monogram in white

bloomers; name in raspberry exact script

birthday shirt; pink gingham, spring green thread

tractor; green cord and medium blue gingham, name in lime green sherif block

girly ghost; name in giggles

pillowcase; royal blue sherif block monogram

towel; royal blue sherif block monogram

burp cloth and blanket with sock monkey appliqe; blue/brown plaid and blue fabric; name in sherif block

bib with light pink master circle monogram

layette gown; blush thread, natural circle monogram

layette gown; lamb applique; khaki exact script name

white tote bag; brown master circle monogram

pillowcase; hot pink curly q monogram

christmas tree; green/red polka dot; name in giggles

circle monogram applique; pink gingham with spring green thread (burp cloth and bib set)

dish towel with letter and name in sherif block; blue/brown plaid

duck; brown cord/blue/ and blue brown plaid; name in sherif block

giggles monogram on polo shirts

natural circle with circle border; lightest pink

green cord owl with monogram in simple block

brown cord/ blue and brown plaid duck with name in sherif block

monogram script; pink

pink gingham whale on bib with pink border

bloomers; lightest pink master circle monogram