There are many fonts available and many things you can do with the fonts.  There are also many available colors of threads.  Here is a sample of some available fonts, more to be posted.



Classic Monogram

Classic Monogram with Circle Border

Curly Q single initial {one shown with circle border}

Curly Q font

Exact Script (all lowercase)

Exact Script (Upper and Lower)


Monogram Script

Giggles Font single initial shown with Polka Dot border 

Giggles Font

Twin Script (single initial; can be used in full monogram)

Simple block

Simple block; straight across monogram

Natural Circle

Fishtail (sorry sideways!)

Fun Print

Sherif Block (Upper and Lower)

Sherif Block (Lower)

Master Circle Monogram

Stacked Monogram

Cartoon block (left) and Kid block (right)

Victor Monogram

"Jackson" font

Silly font

Sydney initial with double circle (any font can be used with initial)

Sydney initial with dots on either side (any font can be used with dots)

Monogram script with wreath (any font can be used with wreath) 

Applique letters