Sunday, April 10, 2011

new samples

Bloomers are in stock and in various sizes.  Shown here with curly q font, lightest pink thread
 fish applique, blue polka dot with red thread, sherif block boy monogram

fishing lure applique, red seersucker, royal blue thread outline, red name, sherif block all lowercase

sailboat patch applique, light blue fabric, blue gingham, green seersucker

airplane applique, boy polka dot fabric, navy outline, name in sherif block.  layette gowns available in white, blue, and pink.  customers love these gowns!

white towel with large whale, light blue gingham/seersucker, name in light blue sherif block, lowercase

hemstitch handtowels are in stock and very popular!  shown with monogram style, victor.  color is a light gold/beige...great color!

handtowels are also available without hemstitch, beautiful and popular!

sailboat with blue gingham (outlined in medium blue), red seersucker

sailboat with blue polka dot (outlined in light blue thread), green seersucker

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