Tuesday, May 17, 2011


shirts for siblings...
blue seersucker whale (name in simple block) and pink seersucker whale (name in exact script)

bib with alligator (blue gingham seersucker, green thread, name in sherif block)

large ice cream cone on shirt (pink multi dot/green gingham)

large circle applique monogram (green trellis fabric/green thread)

i'm super excited to have new "mini" embroidery designs.  they are perfect for polos, pockets on tees, hairbows, or flanking a monogram/name.  shown are golf clubs and crabs, but i have a lot more and not enough time to sample them all.  others include, firetruck, dump truck, helicopter, pirate ship, airplane, submarine, jeep with surfboard, octopus, sailboat, lobster, flip flops, bikini, cherries, ice cream cone.  many of these designs match an applique design, so if you have a child that would prefer to wear a polo or shirt with smaller design, then you can still coordinate with an applique shirt on another child!  let me know if you have questions!

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