Friday, August 26, 2011


pumpkin; orange gingham, name in sherif block

megaphone; red gingham, name in sherif block

alligator; medium blue gingham, spring green thread; name in simple block

airplane; multi plaid (blue,green,red), name in simple block

circle; fabric provided by customer to match existing fabric in house; khaki thread, monogram in master circle
*this can be done with fabrics you have decorated with - what a nice touch to your home*

monkey - blue, medium blue gingham, multi plaid, name in sherif block; letter applique in fabric provided by customer; alligator - medium blue gingham; spring green name in sherif block

petal patch applique; light blue gingham, classic monogram in light blue thread to match

minnie mouse (shown on pink beach towel); black/white polka dot and hot pink/white polka dot; name in giggles font

alligator - royal blue gingham, orange thread, giggles font; bloomer - orange thread, master circle monogram

petal patch; pink trellis fabric, spring green thread, master circle monogram (shown on little girl's tee shirt)

fishing lure; red seersucker and light blue thread; name in all lowercase sherif block

baby gift set - whale (light blue gingham fabric, name in sherif block) onesie, blanket, and burp cloth

NEW!  white receiving blankets which are so soft!  can be done with any applique and/or monogram/name

baby gift set - bib in pink master circle monogram; burp cloth with circle monogram applique in light pink multi dot fabric; onesie with pink giggles

fish applique; hot pink/white polka dot, name in curly q (shown on green stripe beach towel - limited quanity for the remaining of this summer season, will be restocking soon!)

circle monogram appliqe - multi plaid (red/blue/green) and medium blue gingham with spring green thread

owl; hot pink/white polka dot, kelly green gingham with kelly green thread, brown gingham 

stacked monogram - red and light blue, shown on polo shirts

alligator; medium blue gingham, lime green thread, hot pink name in giggles and hot pink hairbow

need a perfect addition to your baby gift? adorable bag/luggage tag (shown her in pink chevron/lime green name), placemats available too! check out
you can order through her or let me know and i can get the product for you!

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