Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I will get to the boy stuff, but you ever need a quick gift?!  I have plenty of bibs and burp cloths with appliques just waiting to go to someone special!  You can add a name or give it just with an applique - both super cute!

On to boys...little boys have kept me busy!

Beach (and bath) towels are in stock and in a variety of colors!  Between $10-12.

Gone Fishin'!
White shirts available in a variety of sizes - $10 for just applique (or just name) and $12 for applique and name!

Blue gingham with light blue outline and name

Red seersucker

Blue gingham with red - love how this turned out!

Red shirt (provided by customer) with red seersucker lure - super cute!

Green seersucker alligator with bright green thread outline and royal blue eye

Monster Truck with royal blue fabric, black and white gingham, and bright green thread

Be back soon - need to chase after my own little boy!

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